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The Strange & Awesome Tale of George Fabian Weasley

Tales from the better half

George Fabian Weasley
1 April 1978
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Wand: 7 ½ inch Mistletoe, core of Unicorn Tail Hair
Patronus: Racoon (adorable, wily, and vicious when provoked)
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: I'm muscular, that's all I'm sayin.
Hair: We're Weasleys...you guess
Eyes: Erm...whatever Clone's is
Hand: Depends on what I'm doin. "_"
Distinguishing marks: Looking exactly like the bloke I'm ususally standing right next to, except that one of us has one extra freckle on his left bum cheek (not telling who!)

I'm the one on the left. No, your left. Right, like it matters, eh? We're exactly alike? We like people to think so, 'least.

In actuality, Fred and I've got our differences. Most outstanding is our taste in the lovelies. He prefers his 'bout our age. I rather mine our age...added together. I've a taste for the vintage, you see. Some things just get better with age!

It all started with meeting Madam Rosmerta when I was a young, impressionable bloke of thirteen. It was all over then! You might be thinkin' I'd just never given the young'uns a chance. But after a little foray into a twinsome with clone, I can rightly tell you that even doin' so much as kiss a girl my age turns my stomach.

Rosie and I had a thing on and off again since I was seventeen, but that's recently hit a permanant off. So I'm back to my usual haunt, Merlin's Rusty Grapes (a vintage pub in London).

In other news, Clone and I are busy bein' geniuses with our store, makin' proper brill inventions. In our spare time, we make a personal arsenal and do a little spyin' just for fun. Good to keep in practice for when we really need it (and maybe we really do, you never know!)